Xbox One Price Singapore – Read Reviews Before You Buy

The Xbox One price Singapore is rumored to be around SGD$625 (excluding shipping & taxes) based on the preorder price from a popular online retailer. It is the newest generation of games and entertainment. You can now pre-order from Amazon at USD$499 when it is scheduled to be released on 31 December 2013 in the United States. The retail stores in Singapore may take months before we can see the consoles here.

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Its release has long been anticipated by gamers who claim that this new technology is fit for what all gamers have always wanted. This new technology will provide gamers with a new and exciting experience. Kinect technology have been assimilated the Xbox One and will be a standard provision.

The Xbox One is set to be released later in the year 2013, around November, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Microsoft has yet to confirm the price but reviews show that it might be higher compared to the current Xbox 360 that goes for SGD$339 for the Arcade model and SGD$469 for the regular model.

The Features

  • Xbox One reviews show that this newest device on the market has some high performance hardware. It comes with 8 gigs of RAM, and its CPU is 8 core, moreover, it has a 500 GB HDD. These components are crucial because they are unique and can operate to in harmony. Its HDD has been custom built by Microsoft.

Another new feature is the Blu-ray drive and the new gaming devise has a USB of 3.0 and an integrated 802.11n WI-FI. The Kinect technology is a new arrival to the technological world and the Xbox One also comes with a camera that captures wide angles. One of the best feature is that this device can read a players heartbeat as the game is ongoing. Moreover, it has a voice recognition feature that usually wakes up the Kinect by words.

xbox one price Singapore

Moreover, the reviews of the Xbox One show that the controllers, though they do not appear radically different from the previous Xbox 360, Microsoft has assured gamers that they have a more significant feature. The controllers also come with the ‘vibrating impulse triggers’ that will provide a great and more vivid effect to the player.

Skype on Xbox One

Since Microsoft bought Skype, this acquisition has also been incorporated into the new gaming device in order to support the HD video by making use of the Kinect camera. There is also the feature of group video conferencing so that gamers are able to receive picture-in-picture calls while undertaking other activities.

Incorporated with Windows 8, Xbox One reviews show that those who are conversant with Windows 8 will enjoy a similar experience to the one they are used to. A multi-screened plan that lets everything on the screen to be more spaced out and navigation is made much easier.

Another new feature of the Xbox One will allow gamers to watch cable live on the new device. Therefore, an interactive experience will be created by the new TV viewing experience.

The Xbox One reviews also prove to gamers that the new device will have an Instant Switching component that will allow gamers to change the apps found on the Xbox One and they will not be compelled to use the remote at all times.